Fall 2010 camping trip

Wanted a good, fun little camping trip this weekend, and Max came through with some renegade camping spot near High Points PA. Nice, secluded spot about a hr north of the city, complete with some great back roads and swimming hole.

Sitting around the campfire.

Cruising great roads around New Hope. 

This is not man-made, the rock slopes the creek bed into a ‘V’ which is pretty unique. Best way to wake up in the morning.

6 responses to “Fall 2010 camping trip”

  1. Devyn says:

    Ed, you’re brand loyal…

  2. andrew says:

    looks like fun…. i’m finally back from camping in Canada, looking forward to another motorcycle trip soon.

  3. scott says:

    Looks like you guy’s had a great time…..sorry I missed it!

  4. Devyn says:

    Ok, so who wants to get in on the first community motorcycle? My uncle has the coveted Yamaha XS650 for sale for a suiting $650. 13 Grand on the odo. Bobber project anyone?

    For anyone who doesn’t have it:

  5. Jmaro says:

    looks awesome guys, would love to join ya for a camping run before the season ends… does the season really end tho…

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