chinonthetank cb360t

When Andrew bought his cb360t earlier this year we aqiured a ton of extra parts as part of the sale because the seller was moving to NYC and couldn’t take any of the stuff with him. This really sweetened the $400 deal especially since we ended up using a good bit of the parts to get his bike running solid. Since then, the extra parts have sat in my basement, occasionally handing stuff out to friends as needed, for free of course, but this past week I took inventory of whats left and there’s just about enough stuff to make a running cycle. So here’s the start of the first chinonthetank machine. The challenge…. 2 months and $400. Make an ultra minimal running cycle and ride the SHIT out of it.

The parts:

The list of minor parts/gaskets/carb rebuild kits/tires/etc needed….

I plan to make frequent updates on the progress as well as asking for input on the design. I hope this ends up being as rad as I think it will.

6 responses to “chinonthetank cb360t”

  1. Richard says:

    Ill have to get u another brake lever. I needed the one you gave me after putting the bike down. Thanks again. Maybe I can sell the broken one to ed since he likes the nubless. Good luck with it!

  2. Aaron says:

    Hell yeah.. lots of pics and progress.. You gots good taste. This is going to be sweet

  3. chris says:

    anything i can donate from the parts 350..let me know…..i also got that weird steel lookin tank i painted for a 360t.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Chris. We’ll see what I end up needing. I should have a solid update on the progress by the end of the weekend.

    I’m thinking about going with these tires…

    I wanna do the same size in the front and back. Both wheels are 18. It’ll really eat a whole lot of the budget BUT they look so sick! Thoughts?

  5. nick says:


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