PHL International Airport

© Devyn Haas

A few years ago I was looking for roads on Google maps within the Philly limits. I scanned the long stretch of park that is Fairmount and along the rivers before finding one of the greatest high speed secrets behind the airport. Aside from a few bumps the road is near perfect, complete with chicanes and go-fast sweepers. Armed with 2 GoPros and my Canon, Todd, Justin and I took a few stills and some video.

© Devyn Haas Triumph Daytona

© Devyn Haas Triumph Speed Triple

© Devyn Haas Joe on his Triumph Sprint

© Devyn Haas Harley Sportster

18 responses to “PHL International Airport”

  1. Justin says:

    Yeah buddy, that was a legit ride. Beautiful day and some great shots.

  2. ed says:

    cool man, i dig it.

  3. Justin says:

    Just watched the video – pretty tight! I fucking LOVE the GoPro!

  4. ed says:

    yea, that video is real good.
    haha…. makes me realize how shitty my cbr250r video from NZ was with my ghetto-rigged helmet cam.

  5. Richard says:


  6. Todd says:

    I uploaded the video to vimeo also – Incase anyone prefers that over youtube.

  7. mick says:

    rad stuff, love the action…need to do this ride more often.

  8. Richard says:

    That video was awesome, I like the warp speed tunnels, damn Todd you were flying

  9. andrew says:

    replace those bikes with some vintage ones and then we’re talking!

  10. janelle says:

    loooove this

  11. scott says:

    As you stated, other than that one huge bump early on, the airport loop is excellent and the road condition is fantastic! It has been a favourite of mine for years!

    Great photos and video, BTW!

  12. Adam says:

    That gopro is legit. Nice riding Todd.

  13. Todd says:

    Thanks, I’m glad everyone enjoyed the video/pictures. There will definitely be more of these (both mediums) in the near future.

  14. Todd says:


    Done the vintage thing, over it. I suppose devyns bike still counts though.

  15. andrew says:

    ha, i rode my buddies ducati the other night, and then got back on my cb500… I can see why you are over vintage bikes.

  16. andrew says:

    ps love the airplane shot… did you feel like you were in some type of action movie chase scene? haha.

  17. Todd says:

    That’s exactly what happened to me andrew. I was in an action movie as far as I’m concerned.

  18. ludwig says:

    i grew up in this town. I love these back roads.

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