Published - Mar 28, 2012

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ride to work

In the warm weather, riding to work in a dress shirt is the way to do it. This dude is doin it proper. Bitches be lookin twice.


Published - Mar 23, 2012

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Anthem 2 video

One of the best things I’ve ever watched.


Published - Mar 19, 2012

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Who wants to buy a rad helmet? Only issue is you gotta order it from Japan. Check it out HERE.

From Past


Published - Apr 7, 2014

Philly police confiscating dirt bikes

It happened. The philly dirt bike police came back in the kenso woods this past sunday. To make a long story short, they took our bikes, but we got them back the next morning since they’re street legal / registered / insured / we have mc licenses etc… They did it just to fuck with […]