Published - Mar 28, 2012

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ride to work

In the warm weather, riding to work in a dress shirt is the way to do it. This dude is doin it proper. Bitches be lookin twice.


Published - Mar 23, 2012

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Anthem 2 video

One of the best things I’ve ever watched.


Published - Mar 19, 2012

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Who wants to buy a rad helmet? Only issue is you gotta order it from Japan. Check it out HERE.

From Past


Published - Feb 6, 2010

s2000 VS snow

yea… my s2000 is an earlier AP2 which means it has no traction control. For those of you who didn’t know… the s2000 is rear-wheel drive and mine has g-force sport tires, which are awesome sticky summer tires. So… snow VS the s2000…. – snow wins by a long shot Some dickface piled all their […]