Published - Apr 28, 2012

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Cast and Salvage website

I just launched the Cast and Salvage website. (designed by Ryan DeLa, programmed by yours truly) For you tech folks; – it’s built on a custom responsive WordPress theme. Looks great on Phones. – all manageable / updatable through iPhone Check it out HERE. If you’re riding a jalloppy, go have them dial it in […]


Published - Apr 23, 2012

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s2000 track day

I did a HPDE track day at NJMP yesterday. S2000 has a twitchy rear in general, but it’s magnified times 100 in the rain. Watch this random vid I found. Essentially what I dealt with yesterday, but prolly worse rain yesterday compared to vid. This dude does a real good job of keep the rear […]


Published - Apr 18, 2012

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The American Eagle Flies Again

Another great video from our own Andrew Watson. This is pretty dope. Sick Laverda.


Published - Apr 18, 2012

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Peter on the Dragon

Our buddy Peter. Roasting it. Another one! I dig it. ha. Just like Ricky’s.


Published - Apr 15, 2012

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April 2012 camping trip – photos

damn… this trip was a good one. bummer if you missed it. View all the photos HERE on “I like the weekend”.

From Past


Published - Nov 6, 2012

Airport Loop

This isn’t my favorite loop, but it’s still good to do every now and then. Basically take whatever route you want to get down towards the airport, then ride Fort Mifflin Rd. behind the airport. It’s a good road. You can go nice and fast and race planes like you’re in Top Gun.