Published - Apr 28, 2012

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Cast and Salvage website

I just launched the Cast and Salvage website. (designed by Ryan DeLa, programmed by yours truly) For you tech folks; – it’s built on a custom responsive WordPress theme. Looks great on Phones. – all manageable / updatable through iPhone Check it out HERE. If you’re riding a jalloppy, go have them dial it in […]


Published - Apr 23, 2012

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s2000 track day

I did a HPDE track day at NJMP yesterday. S2000 has a twitchy rear in general, but it’s magnified times 100 in the rain. Watch this random vid I found. Essentially what I dealt with yesterday, but prolly worse rain yesterday compared to vid. This dude does a real good job of keep the rear […]


Published - Apr 18, 2012

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The American Eagle Flies Again

Another great video from our own Andrew Watson. This is pretty dope. Sick Laverda.


Published - Apr 18, 2012

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Peter on the Dragon

Our buddy Peter. Roasting it. Another one! I dig it. ha. Just like Ricky’s.


Published - Apr 15, 2012

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April 2012 camping trip – photos

damn… this trip was a good one. bummer if you missed it. View all the photos HERE on “I like the weekend”.

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