Cast & Salvage CB350

Ricky and I have spent the past few weeks building this CB350. It’s a popular CB to modify which made it fun to try and make it unique with our style. We’ve finishing up the last little bit of fabrication work so I took some photos of some of the parts we designed/made so you can see them in the raw.

Stainless steel headlight mount.

Round bar shift lever.

Battery box with key mount.

Rear hoop/handle lugged into the frame.

SL125 tank with new mounts.

Fender chopped, flared, and mounted with some dual sport tires that fit the look perfectly.

Getting some feedback from friends stopping by…

Round bar fender mounts with lugs mocked up.

Brazing them together.


We’ll have it reassembled and running next week so check back for more photos or come see it at the Trenton Arts Festival.

7 responses to “Cast & Salvage CB350”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Very cool stuff.

  2. Chris f says:

    Show offs, that thing looks awesome, go see it if u get a chance..lots of cool style.

  3. Mike A says:

    lookin good. I am planning on putting those tires on my kawi. Cant wait to see it finished

  4. simbl says:

    amazing, how there’s not a single shot of the whole bike.

  5. adam says:

    @simbi that was intentional. We were disassembling and I wanted to show the parts before paint. Full shots of it painted and reassembled next week.

  6. Chris F says:

    Keep em guessing Adam, lemme know if u wanna do a ,temporary but decent, seat on the fly ….as its crunch time.

  7. simbl says:

    right, next week then. 🙂

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