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1974 Kawasaki Z1 900

Someone once told me when looking to buy a cycle… you want to pay about $1 per cc. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is accurate anymore since vintage cycles have gained popularity…

I have no need for a 3rd cycle, but this popped up for about $.65 per cc, with a title, under 10K miles, so I couldn’t say no.

This bike was made by Kawi to trump the Honda cb750 in every category. It was basically Kawi’s race bike of the 70’s.

Pretty rare. I’ve never seen one before.
– 900cc
– twin cam
– 82 hp
– aftermarket cross drilled rotors with optional 2nd disk
– aftermarket Borrani deep dish aluminum rims!

After giving it a tune-up / carb clean and a brake rebuild, it runs like a champ. Fast as shit.

8 Responses to “1974 Kawasaki Z1 900”

  1. Mike says:

    damn that cleaned up nice! looks awesome.

  2. Andrew says:

    what a deal!

  3. Jason says:

    That’s a hell of a ride. Nice work. I’d love to have one like that.

  4. Z Guy says:

    Yer kidding! Go over to the Z1 Owners Club (z1oc.com) and tell them about this. Pants will be shat!

  5. adam says:

    Such a lucky find man. Im pretty sure we’ve never seen one out on a Thursday ride or at 2wt.

  6. Chris f says:


  7. Rich says:

    Aftermarket shocks and pipe too. Amazing. Depending on when the work was done, there might be smoothbores on it too.

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