Philly to Canada – day 14

Published - Sep 27, 2012
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- after seeing too many homeless people we left Portland
- headed to mt. Washington
- climbed it like champs
- kinda a big workout for an old bike
- cold as shit at the summit. 30 degrees
- headed to George’s land in s.e. Vermont
- you know George… Burly guy with the cb500 four
- blasted the ton for a while
- on the way met some older gent who’s ridden across country on old bmw’s
- he’s also ridden across country on a 125cc Vespa
- Andrew Watson met us for the night on his cb500 four
- sitting by campfire now catching up
- Adams goatee beard is coming in real nice

4 Responses to “Philly to Canada – day 14”

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve really enjoyed being on the trip with you all week.

    Paid some dues in the middle, eh?


  2. Devyn says:

    That photo kills.

  3. Rina says:


  4. Chris f says:

    Hey Adam, you look cold dude!

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