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Philly to Canada – day 6

Fuck rain.
Quebec city is pretty dope but the rain killed it.
Recap includes:

– swam in the hotel pool with a dozen old French fat people. It was super weird.

– our hotel bathroom had a ton of these great rags to clean our motorcycles with.


– found zero good bars downtown. Zero.

– saying wee wee to every single person and then telling them I don’t speak France when they try and actually talk to me.

– went to a motorcycle dealership and had them balance my front tire so my bike doesnt violently shake at 80 mph anymore. It’s confirmed by the French… Shinko tires are crap.

– went to a French girly bar and watched the bouncers beat the shit out of some guy who couldn’t pay.

– making our way to Saint Georgies, Quebec tonight.

6 Responses to “Philly to Canada – day 6”

  1. Ben says:

    Your attempting a 2000 mile round trip on Shinko tires? What’s wrong with you, Ed?

    Do you need to borrow some money?


  2. ed says:

    Yes Ben, please lend me money.
    I’ll pay you back later… Promise…

  3. Brian says:


    As your attorney I strongly advise you to wire Ed $2000 immediately so that he can get some decent tires and so that bouncers don’t beat the shit out of Ed and Adam at girly bars.

  4. Pat says:

    Quebec city is full of Goverment employes and and old Retired people. It’s old and good for Honeymoon. Come to Montreal, here the city never sleeps. We speak english, french spanish, italian and “Spafrenglish”. Take the 138 along the Saint-Laurent if you have time. Than the 132.

  5. Adam says:

    @pat. Montreal would have been a better spot from your explanation. Quebec City was a lot of tour bus tourists. We just got into Maine so we won’t be making it to Montreal. Thanks for the info though.

  6. Pat says:

    Next time. Drive safely in Maine specialy if you remove your helmet to feel the wind.

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