Great Lakes tour – day 5

Destination – Sault Ste. Marie


Things got real weird last night…

Real weird.

We met some random old dude named Leno on a harley at a strip club. He told us we could camp at his place… So we took him up on it. His place was on a bad ass lake.

He’s basically bi-polar.

We show up at his place and he was drunk and stoned.

Things started off fine. We were boozing by the fire.

Then he told us he’s not allowed in America anymore.

Then he was telling us about his previous motorcycles and got real mad when we started asking questions about his bikes.

Then it got extra weird.

He got mad at Adam and said “don’t fucking disrespect me” and basically got real mad at us and made it seem like he wanted to fight us. He was ready to punch adam no lie… We did nothing to provoke him I swear.

Talk about awkward.

We talked him down and then instantly he seemed like it never happened and got happy and gitty again.

In the morning we peaced out.

We did other stuff earlier that day but its not worth over-explaining like:
– fixing Ryan’s bike
– eating ice cream by lake
– worst strip club ever
– McDonald’s dinner


3 responses to “Great Lakes tour – day 5”

  1. Chris francione says:

    What’s the old add slogan? “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” ….that shit is out the window! Hah…I’m uncomfortable just reading your recount.

  2. Kimi says:

    Shit! You guys stayed with a crackhead too!!

  3. Ben says:

    Let’s be honest…who hasn’t wanted to fist fight Adam when he asks about our carbs.

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