Philly hates motorcycles

Published - Oct 21, 2013
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It’s full on fucking war with this broke-ass, motorcycle-hating city. As some of you may know, the PPA has begun enforcing motorcycle and scooter parking on the sidewalk, citywide! This means the old ways are dead and we have to bookend our bikes in between cars, take up a whole car space (which is totally economic), find one of their convenient motorcycle parking spaces (which still offers no way to secure your bike) or get yourself a $76 ticket for sidewalk parking. Personally, in the week since this has started, my stress level has gone through the roof. I’m fortunate enough to sit 15ft from my bike all day at the window of the studio and watch as cars maneuver into parallel parking spaces, sometimes tapping my bike. I’m really praying I have the patience to deal with someone the day they knock my bike down.

They’ve told Roland of Spare Parts they’re going to ticket his customer’s bikes, which he’s been parking on the sidewalk for 30 years. [Face to palm]

I could really rant for a full page on how this will escalate cycle/scooter theft and damage or my disdain for the PPA and how we should riot and start slashing their tires—but, I won’t. I will tell you the best we can do is call this number every fucking day to protest: Deputy Agent for Parking, PPA, Mrs. Jordan 215-683-9786. Just leave a message. Calling has worked in the past when the PPA has made irrational decisions.

As a backup plan, we could steal more car parking by signing this petition.

Print this shit out and hang it on your bike:

Please guys, take some action—Don’t wait until you have a stack of high-priced tickets or a cycle on it’s side to get angry.

This is fucking America and they’re taking our freedom!


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  1. Lubes says:

    Mark your calendars: PPA Board Meetings to be held Monday, November 25th and Monday, December 23rd at 11:30 AM in the Executive Office Board Room of the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s headquarters, located on the second floor of 701 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Those who can need to voice our concerns directly with the PPA.

  2. Ben says:

    Who wants to ride to the meeting?

  3. whatever says:

    your mock VIOLATION note is not going to catch a car driver’s attention. if anything, they’ll be glad that you appear to have a ticket for parking in place of their precious oil drinking kill box.
    if you want automobile drivers’ support to allow motorcycles and scooters to park on the sidewalk and take up bicycle parking spots, i would advise a different approach.
    also, as a bicyclist, i find that most people on two motorized wheels are no better than those on four. so, y’know, suck it and i hope you die.

  4. Devyn says:

    Hey douche, the signs work very well. I’ve watched the reactions of people these past 2 weeks from my window at work. Your right, they think I have a ticket for taking a space (that’s the point), then they actually read it. That number has been flooded with calls.

    Most of us here on this site ride bicycles and understand how to RIDE safely in this city, whether on a bicycle or a motorcycle. I personally always view bicyclists as the same on the road.

    Grow the fuck up.

  5. ed says:

    Wow. I just laughed out loud.
    Your comment does nothing but illustrate how much of a loser you are.

  6. nicks says:

    I might know someone at one of the local TV news stations that could do a little story. Who at COTT should I put them in touch with if they wanted to interview someone?

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