Come dirt biking Nov 7th

It’s going to be a good weekend camping. Always fun when you get a bunch of friends together on old crappy dirt bikes.

Below are some photos from this past weekend.



5 responses to “Come dirt biking Nov 7th”

  1. Brad C. says:

    needs more jumps, can-can’s, and no footers.

  2. Karl says:

    Ed: last year you posted on How to get a VT Title. I cant post a comment to that post. I have questions. Ant chance you can call to help me out/ (330)697-2409 Karl

  3. ed says:

    @ Karl
    Sorry, I don’t know anything about it, more than what I put in that post. Try it out. Good luck.

  4. Ian says:

    hey ed! I couldn’t comment on the VT registration post you made, but i just wanted to let you know that it worked great! ive got a street legal 1975 suz gt185. followed all the steps to the tee and i just got my plate and temporary registration. its also worth noting that i put “fair” in for the nada value instead of “good” and VT still bit the hook. also i live in ohio. thanks a million man!

  5. Lucas H Swain says:

    Was that a Yamaha TT500 I scoped in last pic and in pic # 14 all way to the left? I’d drive a distance and break bread to have a chance to own another one that isn’t all clapped out. Mine was stolen and never recovered. I love my vintage dirt monsters my 2 year old CRF 450R that has been built as built and modded to the limit of its capacity and my wallet lol still can’t hang with that old school raw power of a TT500. BTW I dig your site. And one last question how far does the guy that tours that dope XR650 go with a totally stock Honda seat lol. That dude is a straight bad ads in my book.

    Luke Swain

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