Z1 frame is welded

See my other post here regarding how my 74 Z1 frame was cracked.

Adam helped out big time and welded the frame where it was cracked. Creating those extra frame braces and gussets was not easy so huge thanks.

We did all this and placed the bracing and gussets based on pics we’ve seen from AC Sanctuary, which is the company that makes all the sick-ass Z1’s over in Japan.

So hopefully the frame will be nice and strong now and not crack again.

It’s been a slow process working on this thing.
– frame is done
– new wheels all laced up and done
– cylinder head ready to go back on
– all I need to do now is put the rest of the shit back on. Easy street.


Below pic: Since I run a Kerker 4-1 exhaust, the left side is open, and the center stand used to stick out an extra foot and it looked retarded, so we cut it shorter and tucked it in nice and tight. Also created a stopper so the center stand doesn’t hit the chain.




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