Vintage MX Handlebars

The 70’s era MX/Enduro’s came stock with pretty unique handlebars. They were typically tall and wide with a high cross bar and a generous pull back. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find a straight pair of these vintage bars to run on your old bike. So, I’ve been working on remaking these old bars but with updated stronger materials. I’m looking forward to showing off the prototypes soon. I hope to have a small batch in production shortly after which will be for sale through Cast & Salvage. Until then, get stoked on these old MX photos with all the riders running these awesome old style MX bars.


Thorleif Hansen riding dirty at the Carlsbad Inter-Am. #carlsbadraceway #motocross #motocrosshistory #70smoto

A photo posted by DG's Vintage Motocross Garage (@dg533) on

This Yamaha rider is getting hooked up at the Japanese nationals. #motocrosshistory #motocross #japanesemotocross #yamaha

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America's fastest desert rat, Bob Hannah on the cover of @dirtbikemag in 1977 #Buckwheat #Motocross #YZed #70sMoto

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3 responses to “Vintage MX Handlebars”

  1. brad says:

    The stoke level for these bars is off the charts. 11/10

  2. Adam says:

    Come by tonight for a sneak peek.

  3. Jim says:

    Are you selling these bars yet?
    Thank you

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