Motorcycles Rule!

Yes, the chin on the tank blog has been a bit slow this summer. Fortunately for us it’s only because we’ve been having too much fun riding motorcycles. Thanks for following and we’ll have more consistent posts again soon.

These are some fun things we’ll be posting about.

1. Yamaha DT timing how-to with buzz box
2. 1979 Husqvarna WR250 restoration
3. KZ750 big bore motor rebuild
4. Nate spending 2 months touring the USA on his 1979 KZ1000
5. Mid-Ohio 2016 photos
6. How to buy a lemon truck with Nate
7. C&S Vintage MX Handlebars
8. How shop for a truck and come home with a Musclestang
9. Day in the life of Ed Yak… 5 bikes. 1 man.


5 responses to “Motorcycles Rule!”

  1. D Car says:

    Counting down the days to the day in the life with Ed

  2. Nate says:

    heres the lemon truck write up…. do you want to avoid buying a lemon? Don’t ask me to help pick a truck out for you.

  3. Ben the man says:

    I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to be a real man like Ed. His big masculine legs always amazed me. I’d consider letting him have my lady for a night just to get some pointers. Is that weird?

  4. Little Angry Alex says:

    Hey Ed- Wanna spend a day with me? Wink wink

  5. Quinn says:

    Ed couldn’t handle a day with me. It’s killed tougher men.

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