Manifest Destiny – Week Two, From The Emerald Coat to Pecos County

I’m putting this post up a day early because we holed ourselves in a hotel room in Fort Stockton, TX to recoup, warm up, and shower after 8 hrs in wind, rain, and cold.

Sunday 10/2/16 & Monday 10/3/16

  • Time to relax.
  • Beach, family, and food.
  • The only gear I’m hauling are towels to the beach.
  • Radke found the source of the oil leak and patched it up or so we think.
  • The water here is unreal and clear but the jellyfish were stinging. Worth it.
  • Stuffed our faces on local oysters and fresh seafood
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Tuesday 10/4/16
  • Blasted out I-10 to Mobile then 90 to run along the coast. What a mistake that was. Once in Mississippi it was nothing but red lights and strip malls.
  • Biloxi is Atlantic City on the Gulf coast. Not a fan of all the traffic.
  • Stopped at Fayards for shrimp and oyster Po Boys. Best po boy I’ve ever had. It’s a gas station too but don’t let that fool you. One of my favorite parts of this trip is getting the local cuisine.
  • Said good riddance to 90 and hopped back on I-10 to Nola.
  • Speedo cable broke crossing Lake Pontchartrain 2 miles shy of crossing 2000 miles on the odometer.
  • Shacked up at a Hostel called the India house.
  • Took a trolley to the French Quarter and joined in on the shit show that is Bourbon St. Booze outside!! So much Jazz.
  • Made Australian friends back at the hostel who were surprised when we crashed around 9:30. You gotta run with the sun.
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Wednesday 10/5/16
  • Up early. Sad to leave NoLa so soon but we may hit it again on our way back.
  • Blasted I-10 through Louisiana which sucked save for the ride around Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge. It had bridges that ran for miles and miles through the bayous. Epic scenery.
  • As soon as we crossed into Texas we hit rain.
  • Finally off of I-10 we took back roads and the ride got much better.
  • Back roads here have a speed limit of 75. Obviously because it takes forever to get anywhere here.
  • Camp for the night at Double Lake Campground in Sam Houston national Forrest
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Thursday 10/6/16
  • Breakfast Tacos!!!! Also Coldspring TX has the nicest people ever.
  • Miles and miles on Central TX back roads. Riding through the Sam Houston Forrest is a great ride.
  • Stopped at Kreuz Market in Lockhart for brisket and Texas sausage. Well worth the detour.
  • Rode to Jacobs Well and jumped in despite the signs saying it was closed for the season.
  • A dude recommended we go to Krause Springs so we high tailed it and were blown away. If in Austin go to Krause Springs! An amazing swimming hole with a rope swing.
  • Camped at Krause springs on the lake and just stargazed until the whiskey put us to sleep.
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Friday 10/7/16
  • Woken up by Radke shooing foxes away from our campsite. Don’t leave BBQ trash by your tents. Or do, if you wanna screw with the people you are camping with.
  • Woke up to a cloudy day and had to put on the rain gear again at breakfast.
  • A shitty cold front had rolled in. The rain wasn’t bad but the crosswinds blew us all over the road.
  • The temperature dropped to the low 50’s
  • Not many stops made and almost 400 miles done. Sorry for the lack of pictures.
  • Long wide open straight roads that seem to go on forever.
  • First time almost running out of fuel. We made it just in time to Iraan, TX to fill up. Time to get a gas can for insurance.
  • Tons of wildlife spotted, including a boar and a fox. Unfortunately they were all road kill.
  • The flat scenery morphed into desert mesas.
  • Decided to get a hotel to dry off, shower, and resupply in Ft Stockton. Just shy of 400 miles today and crossed over 3000 for the trip in total.
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6 responses to “Manifest Destiny – Week Two, From The Emerald Coat to Pecos County”

  1. Ed says:

    Sounds like you’ve done a good job avoiding rain

  2. Katie says:

    That rope swing! Looks amazing guys, so jealous.

  3. D Car says:

    Dude you guys are doing it! Jealous I’m not with you but siked for you

  4. Kelly Barber says:

    It looks safe….love you!!!

  5. Quinn says:

    This is epic. I’m reading this at my desk and its ruining my will to work. Godspeed brothers. Keep the updates coming!

  6. Ted C says:

    I’ve heard great things about the gulf coast, and damn I just love austin. You guys are living my dream.

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