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Eclipse trip day 6

- woke up south of deals gap NC to do the dragon

– first got breakfast at some weird mom n pop spot. Cafeteria style. Was real good 

– people watch out front after eating. There was a Honda metric cruiser with a rear car tire. Wtf. The dude who owned the bike was a very large man

– I heard Quinn really likes metric cruisers. I could see him getting one when he kills his guzzi

– we packed up camp. Rode to deals gap to drink Red Bull before doing the dragon

– on the porch of the gas station we overheard old dudes talking about how sportster 1200’s are women’s bikes, ha

– did the dragon

– my impression: eh

– it was too tight and slow for my liking. If you went fast it felt unsafe or like you’re pushing it. The zrx is a pig. It’d be more fun on my cb450 or ct1-175

– I much prefer the fast, long sweepers of blue ridge

– rode backroads to Knoxville for lunch. Shrimp n grits

– rode to Johnson City for dinner. Met Ben and Bonnie. Got tacos. Ben bought a house. It’s a real house. Not our cardboard and glue bullshit in philly

4 Responses to “Eclipse trip day 6”

  1. Steve West says:

    Deals Gap is definitely its own thing. If you can ride during the “off season” it’s a lot more fun. I’ve got friends in Knoxville that trailer over their 150s and eat everybody in the way. If you know what you’re the big bikes can’t keep up. Glad y’all had a good time up there. It’s been a couple of years since I got up there. Going to have to fix that this fall during the week.

  2. D Car says:

    Speak for yourself on the cardboard house. Also, the bikes on this trip are whack.

  3. Adam says:

    Fukkkk sounds fun.

  4. Tom says:

    Yo this trip looks amazing! My favorite area to ride in. Well, maybe just after West Virginia. The Dragon is awesome but only on the off days. It gets way too crowded there when it is nice out in the summer to be able to enjoy it. Or maybe it is just too technical for you old ladies…

    Whatever, awesome trip!

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