Vegas to Montana – from Kendra

Ed hates everything about Vegas, except Fat Tuesday Pina Colada.

After 2 hours at Eagle Rider Ed finally got the insurance so we could leave. He is also the proud owner of a new Harley cut off.

The drive through Zion was incredible. Exceeded all expectations.

Grand Canyon was surprisingly underwhelming compared to everything else. Could be because I was dealing with a possibly broken finger though. Ed “accidentally” shut my finger in a metal window. Happened right after I beat him in Scrabble though, so “accident” is still up for debate.

Bryce Canyon- more amazing views. Every park in Utah gets better than the next.

Learned what a hoodoo is and saw a 1600 year old tree (Bristlecone Pine). Views from 9100 feet into the canyons. Ed was less impressed. Tired, hangry, grumpy and dehydrated all at the same time. He napped, woke up a little less grumpy, then back to Bryce for sunset.

Day 4 the drive through Escalante is incredible. Drove through twice so we could get better pictures (Ed’s idea).

Capitol Reef is the most underrated park. Amazing views with half the amount of people. Felt like a mix of Zion and Bryce.

Mormon ghost lady checked us into the haunted motel.

Ed lost another dinner bet to me. Won myself a free dinner and the biggest beer I’ve ever seen.

Great Salt Lake smelled like rotten fish. Would not recommend. Bison on Antelope Island are pretty cool though.

Utah has more cows than people.

5 responses to “Vegas to Montana – from Kendra”

  1. Will says:

    I completely forgot about the bad smell from The Great Salt Lake. Yeah, it’s terrible. Nice travel notes, Kendra.

  2. Adam says:

    How are you liking the passenger setup and doing all these miles?

  3. Kendra says:

    The passenger seat is surprisingly comfy and roomy. Having a backrest makes a world of difference. Feels like a living room sofa compared to the z1. So far the trip has been incredible.

  4. The mightiest of Quinns says:

    Love your perspective because it’s the same as everyone who has ever been on an mc trip with Ed. You’ve single handed your validated all of our experiences.

  5. Jake says:

    Kendra please do more posts they are much more entertaining than Ed’s! Great pictures hope you are both having a great trip!

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From Past

Published - Jun 17, 2013


As I said before… the Z1 was basically the hayabusa of the 70’s. I saw this vid and thought it was kinda decent. Damn, I want that seat at 1:47. Pretty sure my z1 is going to completely haul ass when I’m done. – 1015 wiseco pistons and 118 web cams.