Norton Meet 2022 details

Sunday – April 24

We’re not going to camp this year.
We’re going to meet Sunday morning, and ride to the Norton show.

Sunday, April 24.
8:30am – Meet at Little Susie’s on Belgrade / Leigh.
Be already gassed up before arriving.
We’ll hang at Little Susies for a bit and drink a coffee.
Then on the road by 9:30am.

We’ll take straight highway to the Norton meet.
Prob hang at the meet for an hour or two. And then once we’ve taken it all in, we’ll head out.
I want to do a nice ride from the Norton meet up into the NJ countryside north of where the meet is.
Maybe a ride heading towards “Hillbilly Hall” or “Historic Rocky Hill Inn Tavern” and sit in the sun, drink a beer, or get a bite.
Then do a nice ride home and maybe end at Fishtown Tavern.

Anticipate the day will probably go from 8am until 4pm.
Bring your lady, or come solo. Whatever you wanna do.

We’ve gone to the Norton meet almost every year.
I could only find pics from these previous years.
You’re welcome I make this website not many people check anymore.
Pics from years below:

One response to “Norton Meet 2022 details”

  1. Bill Braile says:

    It was great to see you guys! Turned out to be a fantastic day!
    Need to find a way to hang more. Perhaps a Sunday ride, I’ve developed a few tasty routes.

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