XR Ryan’s NJ spot

Lunch break ride on the XR650L’s with Ryan.
He showed me his local riding spot which is a ton of fun, and about 20 mins from my house.
Man… Ryan is fuggin fast on that XR.

2 responses to “XR Ryan’s NJ spot”

  1. Melvin A Schallot says:

    Looks the ultimate strip mine. That’s what a rider from New Castle Pa would call it. Is it close to Philly? I’d cut berm after berm with my WR. I’d close my eyes and ride by instinct. I’d burn and burn till I fell down and then burn more berm. — I got to this site looking for Vermont Title info. Don’t see anything recent at COTT about it. You guys
    are what I was looking for around Western Pa. I like your enthusiasm. I don’t see the preciousness like every where else. I’ll ride anything and have ridden everything.

  2. M Rosenberg says:

    I’m moving to NJ from Philly at the end of March and I’m bringing my DR650. Hopefully you guys show me all the cool trails!

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