chinonthetank cb360

Got some more parts in…. 48mm emgo pod filters and complete gasket kit.

Cleaned headset bearings and assembled. I’m missing some nuts and bolts for the triple tree, forks, headlight bucket, etc…. I’m coming up with a list and will have to hit up the metric hardware store this weekend.

I think the euro bars flipped fit perfect. The headlight sits considerably closer to the triple tree compared to the other cb’s so i think it makes the look work without gauges.

My bible. I want this on a t-shirt.

Thanks for the input on the tires. I’m going with these in 4.00-18 front and rear. only $40 each. I think it’s a standard classic looking tire and I like that it’s a front and rear.

I’m still not sold on the reasoning for a fork brace. If these guys didn’t use one, I think I’m okay.

5 responses to “chinonthetank cb360”

  1. Aaron says:

    Fuck fork braces.. If you can take a turn at 100 mph with one foot in the dirt and the bike kicked the fuck out… you dont need no fucking braces…
    And everything look sick. so far

  2. bob. says:

    IMO, dirt track racing is all about taming a bike that is out of control essentially, street riding is all about keeping your head off the tarmac, thats all I’m sayin. I’ve rode my bike with and without the stock fork brace (the one connected to the fender) and could feel the difference when cornering hard. I didnt die without it and am sure you’d be fine, i just prefer the added stability. Looking forward to the progress, looks good so far.

  3. admin says:

    Yea, I see what you’re saying Bob. Can’t deny first hand experience. Good discussion.

  4. jimxwill says:

    really digging this build. would love to get a list of some of the parts you are using since I am building a 360 as well. Thanks! And keep up the awesome work!

  5. scott says:

    Great job on the overall build! And I really like how you flipped the bars…..I think they’ll work out fine!

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