With fingers crossed

Here’s the extended forecast for next week. While things can certainly change between now and then, I’ve got my fingers crossed. I MUST get out for a ride soon or I’m going to go crazy!

Saturday, 12 February will be 40° F (4.4° C)
Sunday, 13 February will be 46° F (7.7° C)
Monday, 14 February will be 54° F (12.2° C)
Tuesday, 15 February will be 53° F (11.6° C)
Wednesday, 16 February will be 48° F (8.8° C)
Thursday, 17 February will be 49° F (9.4° C)
Friday, 18 February will be 55° F (12.7° C)

11 responses to “With fingers crossed”

  1. Todd says:

    Justin & I are going out riding sometime tomorrow.

  2. andrew says:

    I got out for a good 30 miles on my 500 today… starting to break it in… I would have taken a longer ride, but, well, there aren’t many good routes in brooklyn, and I’m not feeling solid enough on the 500 yet to take her far out of the city.

  3. Todd says:

    Where did you get this data btw? Weather channel doesn’t list those temps, looks like it’s going to be much colder.

  4. admin says:

    So what’s the status on the 500? I saw a pic that Adam forwarded me.
    Make a post of your progress… what you waitin for son? You kept the flame seat right?

  5. scott says:

    @ Todd

    I got it from accuweather.com, which I find to be a little more accurate than weather.com (weather channel). I posted that yesterday around 10:30 AM, so the weather report is bound to change at least a half dozen times before next week. 😉

  6. andrew says:

    @ed I’m working on a post, clear coating my side panels today and putting on my new tank…. then it will be ready for some photo. I have gotten a fair amount of the kinks worked out, but so far its only been warm enough to put a little over a 100 miles on the bike. But its been ripping! No flat spots, feels solid. It was smoking a little, but i figured out it was a carb sync issue, which I have adjusted the best I can and its not smoking anymore… but more on that on a later post.

  7. mick says:

    glad ya guys made it out…was real nice today in philly!

  8. scott says:

    I went out for a bit as well. Very nice day, but watch out for wet spots, potholes and salt/sand gravel.

  9. Todd says:

    Went out today, got a flat in newtown, good times.

  10. andrew says:

    I seriously have wind burn on my face from riding around with my 3/4 helmet… damn it feels great! haha

  11. Justin says:

    @Todd – That sucked…

    After Todd pussed out and got a flat (heheheh) Devyn and I had a pretty sweet ride out to Chester County. We came across this older guy while stopped at the bar (no ride’s complete without one of those) who was pretty cool. The guy new SO much about bikes, Superbike, and MotoGP it was crazy. It was refreshing to run into someone who knows the sport as opposed to answering the same old questions (What kind of bike is that? Is it fast? How much did it cost? etc.). Awesome day. I can’t wait for the next one!

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