Husqvarna SM610

So, anyone who knows me knows that I go through motorcycles faster than most people go through shoes – I’ve had four in the last year. I get itchy feet and am forever on the hunt for my perfect motorcycle. In keeping with that tradition, I recently sold my 2007 Speed Triple to buy a 2008 Husqvarna SM610. I’ve always wanted a Supermoto, and this one came along at a price I couldn’t resist, so I pulled the trigger.

If you don’t know about Supermotards, they’re basically a dirt bike that has sport bike wheels and stiffer suspension. The class was started in the late 70’s as a sort of mash-up for professional Superbike and Motocross riders to race each other on a bike that somewhat melds the two worlds. Since, the Supermoto class has gained a ton of success and has a pretty respectable international racing class today.

Aside from the crazy hybrid bike design itself, Supermoto’s handle quicker and are typically faster than most other bikes due to their Horsepower/Weight ratio and distinct riding style – they do a lot of sliding/drifting on asphalt. My Husky weighs 290lbs, has 55 horsepower, and 44 of torque. If you do the math, the HP/Weight ratio is nearly unbeatable (until about 80mph).

I took the bike out for a decent ride this weekend through Chester County’s tightest to feel it out. This thing is hands-down the funnest motorcycle I’ve ever driven. It rips, it turns, it runs over shit, road surface means nothing, mid-corner gravel is now fun, it’s comfortable (the seat sucks after about four hours), it sounds like a chainsaw on steroids, and it’s just plain quick as hell. I can’t wait to get it on the track…

6 responses to “Husqvarna SM610”

  1. admin says:

    it’s definitely a cool bike. I wanna ride it.
    keeping with your tradition of going through cycles faster than shoes, I’ll bet money you have either another, or a different cycle before 2011 is over.
    Anybody else wanna get in on a wager with me for how long Justin will keep this cycle?

  2. Bill Braile says:

    1 more bike in 2011 for sure….

  3. scott says:

    Me likes!

  4. Justin says:

    I don’t know, I’m pretty into this bike. I really like Husqvarna’s approach to the design. Everything is really well thought out and really done right. It’s been a solid performer so far, and it’s just dirty to ride. I’m really digging it.

  5. Adam says:

    Have any pictures of some of the motards from the 70’s you mentioned? Be cool to see how they made them and how they compare to a modern design like yours.

  6. yann says:

    i love watching the front suspension drop when they get on the brakes before a turn.. congrats on the new bike!

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