blue cat motors – cb450

As I’m getting ready to order the parts for my cb475 supersport build, I’ve been looking at other cb450’s out there.

I found this one on Bike EXIF. It was the bike of the day not too long ago.
A shop called Blue Cat Motors built it.

I dig it.
It basically looks identical to mine… good stuff.

Check out their website.
They have some nice info about vintage bikes. I like their mindset.
They’re in St. Paul, MN.

3 responses to “blue cat motors – cb450”

  1. Glad you like it! BlueCat did an amazing job with this bike. The suspension is especially great, although there are so many wonderful details on this 450 that I’ll be here all day naming them all. I was so sad to winterize it last week. Can’t wait for spring when I can get back to riding it.

    Best of luck on your own project. I’ll definitely be following along.


    -Nathaniel Salzman

  2. ed says:

    cool man.
    i dig your bike.
    almost identical to mine.
    they’re pretty fun huh!
    if i’m ever out in MN, i’ll make sure to make my way over there to blue cat, and you should do the same if ever in Philly. we have a pretty good group over here.

  3. That’s great to hear. As much as I love the bikes, the community is even better. If I’m ever in Philly, I’ll definitely look you up. Let me know if you’re ever in Chicago.

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