Z1 shakedown run

Adam and I leave for our trip in a few days.

Since doing the engine rebuild I haven’t ridden the bike more than 20 miles.

I finally got it dialed in and rode it to a website conference in DC I’m at for a couple days. It was a successful shake down run. No oil leaks. Smooth and fast.

Below is a random list of shit I encountered getting it dialed.

– had to do the head gasket twice due to something I didn’t know about when converting to the wiseco big bore kit

– kz motors have the worst intake manifold design ever. Air leaks… Shit of a time to seal up but I got it

– I added an oil cooler. Hopefully this keeps the temp down a few degrees cause the kz motors get hot

– I had a bitch of a time getting the cam end plugs to seal properly. I had to buy ape metal ones. That did it

– I added a competition baffle to my kerker exhaust. I previously was running no baffle so this quiets it down a tad

– big item… I added CR carbs. I came to the conclusion my z1 carbs were junk and it became really evident since the rebuild

– jetting the carbs took longer than I thought but I eventually got it. It’s set up a hair rich. Just the way I like it. Nice and safe

– I’m getting 40mpg on 93 octane

– I added braided steel brake lines. Was a bitchhhh bleeding them. Adam and I took them apart and realized one of the pads was frozen in the middle holder thing. It broke removing it so I’m running a single disk now

– I’m estimating I should have just shy of 100hp. Stock is 83 and with all the shit I did. It should be easily 95hp

– my front rim was bent. Long story short the z1 was a junker when I got it. I took the tire off and straightened it as best I could without relacing it. It’s a lot smoother at 90mph now. Before felt sketchy as shit


One response to “Z1 shakedown run”

  1. Kansas Larry says:

    Nice job Ed. Much better ride than the 450 but not as challenging.

    I will be in the Slippery Rock area next week for a pyro convention. Driving the vette out. Thot about riding, but I built the car to drive too. Next trip on a bike.

    Have fun and watch the other guy.

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