Renegade Camping

I’m not sure where the phrase ‘renegade camping’ came from or even anyone else uses it, but among some of our friends we use it to describe camping for free. Traveling anywhere other than the east coast has made these kind of spots easy to find but I haven’t had a good go-to spot near Philly. So, this past weekend I took a ride out to a spot that I’ve camped at a couple times before to scout out good spot to make a more permanent renegade spot.

photo 2

Deciding late, Jessie and I quickly met up at Wawa for a sandwhich and gas. If there’s a list of places that make me want to escape Philly at times, the Wawa on Aramingo Ave is in the top 5.

We made it to the camp spot just after night fall and setup camp. Living in the city can really make you appreciate simple things like it actually being dark when the sun goes down.


Woke up to some heavy dew.

photo 1

Aeropress espresso press. Best camp coffee.


Swimming spot when it’s not 50 degrees.


Packed-up and heading out. I plan to be back in a couple weeks to clear out a path to a more secluded spot, dig a fire pit, and stack some wood. I think it’ll be real nice having a close by go-to camp spot.


I took these photos 3 years ago in the same spot.


7 responses to “Renegade Camping”

  1. billbraile says:


  2. Danny says:

    How far away is this spot? Looks awesome!

  3. adam says:

    it’s a little over an hour away

  4. Brian says:

    Adam, that place looks great!

    You got me thinking about “renegade camping” so I googled it.

    I found an interesting post about “renegade camping”.

  5. Mike Ashleigh says:

    Sometimes known as Stealth Camping or Hidey Camping on as well, for the information hungry.

    Was a goal to hidey camp one night on the Louisville Trip, but we rode too far into the night or got spooked by the creepy locals, so we paid large sums for our shitty crowded campsites. The one night, I would have taken hidey camping over the curry-drenched, ill-maintained motel we stayed at.

  6. Adam says:

    @Mike – Finding a good spot before dark is definitely the best way to do it. However, if you don’t start a fire you can be extra stealth and come in at night and leave early pretty easy. Just gotta find a park, church, graveyard, etc to push off to the back. Sometimes easier said than done depending on how rural you are.

    @Brian, that was an interesting article.

  7. Tom says:

    Cool writeup. Looks like you guys had a great little trip. I need more of this in my life.

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