Florida to Nantucket on a CB200

A couple weeks ago we got an email from this guy Alex who was planning to ride his 1975 CB200 from his home in Florida to Massachusetts with a potential stop in Philly. We told him good luck and hit us up when you make it to Philly. Well, he made it and timed it well showing up just before our Thursday ride. We stashed most of his bags at Ed’s place and headed over to the BP to meet up with everyone else.


After the ride and some beers at El Camino we went back to Ed’s to give his bike a little tune up and to hear some more stories of his ride so far.


Apparently if you’re under 21 in Florida it gets put on your license plate.


In Delaware he got a ticket for going under the speed limit on 95 in the left lane. Hahahaha


Some of his polaroids from the trip so far.


And our addition to his trip photos.


It was fun to show someone from out of town a good time in Philly. I’ve been lucky to have so many different people help me out on my cycle trips that it felt good to again pass it on. Good karma all around.

photo 5

6 responses to “Florida to Nantucket on a CB200”

  1. Dan L says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip. He’s got that bike fully loaded!

  2. billbraile says:


  3. Chris francione says:

    If that doesn’t define a major aspect of what’s cool about bikes, I don’t know what does!

  4. D car says:

    That kid has some serious balls

  5. Antonio says:

    That’s what it’s about right there.

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