Harley electric motorcycle

So… Our friend justin is a skateboarder. His skater friend is a service manager at Brian’s Harley Davidson dealership in Langhorne PA.

Harley is going around America doing test rides on their new electric motorcycles but it’s by special lottery to get selected to ride. Justin’s friend hooked it up so we could bypass that and ride them. There’s only 22 total in all of America. Pretty cool. We got to test out 4 of them. Each one is worth $200k. Not kidding !!! Don’t drop it…

Supposedly Harley isn’t sure if they’re actually going to make these and sell them for real… They’re testing the waters right now.

We got to rip around on them today for a little mini test ride.

First impressions:

  • they’re faster than I thought.
  • they sound like a jet fighter turbine engine. See vid at bottom.
  • when you release the throttle they decelerate super fast. Don’t even need the front brake. I didn’t like this. There was no coasting at all. Throttle was on or off.
  • they’re smaller than a sportster.
  • no gears. Single gear. Automatic.
  • no clutch. Twist throttle and go.
  • 50 mile range. Then it needs to be re-charged.
  • I thought it looked really good. Seat is great. Put drop bars on it and it’d be a great cafe styled bike.
  • 100% torque almost instantly. Like I said… It was actually pretty fast.

Overall thoughts:

I actually liked riding it about 100 times more than I thought I would. Remember the movie ‘back to the future’… And the hover board made a cool noise when Marty Mcfly rode it? Well… This is that same thing. I felt awesome riding it. I felt like I was in a hypothetical ‘back to the future 4’ and I was Marty ripping…


6 responses to “Harley electric motorcycle”

  1. Chris francione says:

    That thing sound like a flying fucking saucer!

  2. Adam says:

    I really like how it looks. If you ditched the rear plastic fender it would look even better.

  3. Steve says:

    REALLY want to try out an electric bike. Especially an electric dirtbike, no noise so you can ride it anywhere, lots of torque, range isn’t as much of a factor…

  4. Jim says:

    That’s a sweet hook-up. Definitely wouldn’t have minded taking one of those for a spin.

  5. Tom says:

    i dig it. gonna have to do better than 50mi range… but when the technology catches up, this bike could be pretty awesome.

  6. Lost Johnny says:

    Interesting. Thanks Ed.

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