Dirt bike – Lake Atsion, Pine Barrens

This past weekend we went dirt biking at Lake Atsion, NJ which is in the Pine Barrens.

In case you didn’t know, you can legally ride dirt bikes in the pine barrens IF your bike is street legal / registered / insured.

If you’re driving a truck, park at the Atsion ranger station. It’s okay and legal to park at that spot. There are good trails on both sides of rt206, especially the south side of the lake. It’s not too sandy in this area either which is great. It’s not like riding on a beach. It’s more solid dirt trails with some sand over top. Lots of single track trails with good whoops. My only complaint is there aren’t any hills. Other than that, it was a ton of fun. And it’s only 45 min away which makes it a great spot to do a day-trip if you’re coming from Philly.

So make a mental note, if you’re looking for a legal place to ride, that’s not too far away, with tons of trails, Atsion Lake area is a great option.

Lot’s of people got wet feet yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.25.44 PM

6 responses to “Dirt bike – Lake Atsion, Pine Barrens”

  1. Billy says:

    Sugar sand was minimal I might add. So don’t let that deter you from going. Most of it is like pic #3. It was mostly well packed sandy soil. Long trails / roads. Nice surprise mud + water challenges! Super fun to watch everyone’s bike tackle them. Some water pits, as you can see, were kinda unavoidable or too deep and obviously there were consequences for my CT, which in the end, got too water-logged. Getting a redneck tow was hilarious. But at least that was towards the end of our ride anyway.

  2. ed says:

    Yea, it wasn’t too sandy.
    If there were hills, it’d be my favorite place to ride.

  3. Chris francione says:

    Just curious if some of it is scrambler friendly, or do you need a full on dual sport or dirt bike…thoughts?

  4. ben says:

    Looks awesome. Let me know if you guys go back before winter wollops.

  5. ed says:

    A lot of it is definitely scrambler friendly.
    If you have big knobby tires… you’ll do just fine.

  6. Joe says:

    My dirt bike isn’t street legal, but do you think I’ll get caught.

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