F*ck Yo Fenda

Not running a front fender has been cool since motorcycles were invented, but get caught in the rain and you’ll wish you had one. The common bandanna trick is really just a vain attempt at mitigating the epic rooster tail of water aimed directly at your face, so the innovative folks at West Eagle (EasyRiders of Japan) have created this nifty little doodad that solves the problem once and for all. No Fender no problem, this thing Velcros to your forks and provides an impenetrable nylon wall, blocking the stream of water coming off the back of the tire from hitting you in the face.

Grab one Here

6 responses to “F*ck Yo Fenda”

  1. Adam says:

    Fuck that, I love drinking up all that delicious philly street water.

  2. Christian says:

    I enjoy reading this blog. It seems that I have been trolling it for a couple months now. And after reading this post I must say this contraption is super gay. Perhaps you wanna put on a shower cap too? Run a fender and your ready for everything. Run no fender prepare to drink that delicious philly street water like a fuckin Hombre.

  3. Quinn says:

    @christian I don’t understand how a piece of nylon and Velcro can have a sexual preference and I don’t see how blinding yourself while riding (especially out on the highway) makes you any more of a man.

  4. Chris francione says:

    I’m gonna get a pink one, what????

  5. Ben the Man says:

    @Quinn- that was a very toned down and respectable answer to @Christian being a homophobic prick. Well done, sir! Your growing up!

  6. Christian says:

    All kidding aside gents. . . Running no fender is just a fashion statement and really has no practical purpose. Yes, bikes do look cool without a fender and just like women look great in 6″ pumps there is a price to be paid with that too. Can’t ride comfortably in the rain without a fender and you’re lady friend isn’t walking too much in heals. Best if everything comes off except for the heals, always nice to admire the red leather placed strategically on the bottom.

    Fabricating a plate that lives between the forks would serve the same purpose and would cost less than the price commanded for the nylon and velcro. You could even paint the backside of the plate red too to make sure the floozie of a bike keeps up appearances.

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