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I received a letter from Dan Cotterpin this week. It was postmarked from Cedar Rapids, Indiana. The return address was “Floating VesselI Mallard Chevy 350, V8”

I took a photo for you, but thought I would write it our for all to read. Enjoy it. I know I did.

“Dear Ben-

The speedometer died today, but thats ok. Thats not how you operate this thing anyway. You drive it with your ears, every crash and bank could be the wheels coming out from beneath you. And you nose, because every hot whiff of something burning is a quick look to the rear view to see if your full of smoke. Blood shot eyes and 10 white knuckles wrapped around the wheels, neck and foot all the way down the gas’s throat with your gut in the gearbox grinding organs and your heart pumping like a piston. Kelly is lighting me cigarettes with both hands because I drink em’ down in one drag spitting them out the window with the next breath. blood boiling through bulging veins like over pressured oil lines, you don’t know your teeth have been grinding until their already dust. Im the slowest thing on the read but if your not fixing to drive all night you better stay the fuck out of my way. I can’t stop because this thing only has so many starts left in it, and I can relate.

It may sound like a roller coaster but its more like driving a rubix cube.

Love Dan

P.s. Feel free to share this letter with the boys.”



4 responses to “Letter From The Road”

  1. Jake says:

    Fookin’ great writin’ there, lad.

  2. Quinn says:

    The man, the myth, the legend, the @greatjobdan

  3. Nate says:

    I read this in his voice. Well said Dan.

  4. Mike (pitsa) says:

    Bravo! He’s kind of like Neal Cassady.

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