KZ750 swing arm stretch | 3

Took a drive out to Mike A’s garage to get some tubing turned down to match the ID of the swing arm tubing. I’m hoping to have a lathe again soon.

Turned slugs tacked into the swing arm. Anyone know what the best practice is here? I’ve typically tacked them, assembled the part, and then weld everything. However, I have seen were the slug is first fully welded into one side and then part assembled and welded.


Notched the 1.5″ tubing to match up withe front pivot which is 1.125″ diameter at a 10 degree angle.


Fitment is pretty good. I want to tack it up and figure out some gussets. I’m also thinking of cutting out the sheet metal gusset and replacing with a square tubing cross piece. Trying to decide what would be stronger. Any opinions on what would be stronger?


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  1. Ted C says:

    I respect the precision and attention to detail here. Looking forward to seeing the final look.

  2. Adam, typical practice for slugs is to cross drill the receiving tubes. Then when you insert the slugs, weld them in place through the holes and fill the holes (known as rosette welds). Holes need to be big enough to get good weld but not so big as to compromise the tubes. Once both tubes attached to slugs, perimeter weld at the seam.

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