Honda CB Starter Delete / Block Off

Here’s a solution for removing your starter if you have setup your cycle to be kick only like I did.

Previously, I used to use a rubber freeze plug which is the standard internet forum recommendation. However, day one of riding to Lake Superior my freeze plug blew out and my bike hemorrhaged oil 30 miles outside of Philly. Fuck using freeze plugs.


Here’s how to modify your starter to remove the weight, plug the engine case, and retain both mounts for the starter cover. This is my 1976 CB550 but this will also apply to the CB500 and other motors with a similiar starter setup.

Step 1: Remove and disassemble your starter. This starter was already dead so I didn’t ruin a good one.


Step 2: Make an aluminum plug to fit where the starter shaft went.


Step 3: Weld it


Step 4: Cut aluminum tubing the length of the starter body to keep the correct spacing. I used 6061 aluminum tubing 3/8″ OD, .277″ ID, .049″ wall thickness which I picked up from McMaster-Carr


Step 5: Reassemble


Step 6: Install


Step 7: Done. Looks stock but you’ve saved maybe 6ish lbs.


If anyone is interested in this mod but doesn’t have a welder, email me and I can do it for you. Also, if anyone is holding a finned starter cover hit me up, I’m trying to buy one.

One response to “Honda CB Starter Delete / Block Off”

  1. John Verdier says:

    Hey man, this really helped me out and is a great solution to deleting the starter. Just wanted to say thanks.

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