Kawasaki KZ Police Bikes

I really dig the KZ police bikes pre 2005. There’s something I really like about the stock hard bags with crash bars, 18″ mags front and rear, floorboards, fairing with the 2 additional lights, and above all it’s a badass KZ1000 motor. If I could afford another bike I would absolutely own one of these.

Today I came across a KZP in Lancaster for a fair price of $3500. Slimming some of the extra stuff off this bike, fresh paint with no police decals, adding a kick start, and putting standard KZ decals on it would make this bike look even better.

Random Question: Why do cops around Philly ride side-by-side and not staggered like you’re supposed to?


This got me more curious about the history of these bikes. Here are a few things I found:


  • Z1-P – A 1975 Kawasaki Z1 900 cc motorcycle, modified through the addition of a shop-installed kit, then in 1976 available factory-built as a police motorcycle
  • KZ900 Police Special – The 1977 KZ900 motorcycle, upgraded for use as a police motorcycle
  • KZ1000C Police – The first built-for-law-enforcement model, intended to compete with the Harley-Davidson, 1978 – 1981
  • KZ1000P Police – The most common model, 1982 – 2005, commonly known as the KZP
  • SPECS:
    Engine type: 4-stroke, DOHC in-line four, 2 valves per cylinder
    Displacement: 998 cc (60.9 cu in)
    Starting: Electric
    Power: 88 hp (66 kW) @ 9,000 rpm
    Torque: 112 lbf·ft (152 N·m) @ 8,000 rpm
    Carburetion: Mikuni Bs34’s
    Transmission: 5-speed
    Overall length: 90.2 inches
    Overall width: 35.2 inches
    Seat height: 30.7 inches (780 mm)
    Curb weight, as from factory with fuel: 596 lb (270 kg)

    Interesting Facts:

  • All series have been equipped with windshields, saddleboxes, pursuit lights, and folding floorboards rather than footpegs
  • All have larger generating systems than similar civilian models.
  • The engine was updated in 1981 from the Z1 type with a displacement of 1015 cc to the “J model” type with a displacement of 998 cc. Although similar in appearance not all parts are interchangeable between the two types
  • Police 1000
    Police 1000

    The newer Kawasaki Police bikes do not look good in my bias opinion.


    8 responses to “Kawasaki KZ Police Bikes”

    1. Nate says:

      Right there with you. I have a thing for these too.

      As to your random question about how cops ride i found this from a CHP officer when asked the same question:

      “Riding side by side makes communication easier, as officers can communicate by hand gestures and subtle movements (verbal communication is close to impossible because of the helmets and road noise, despite what you saw Ponch and Jon do on CHiPs). One can point out a hazard or a violator to the other. It’s also traditional, and vehicle codes generally permit two cyclists to ride side by side in the same lane.

      As for the safety aspect, while this is marginally more dangerous than riding in single file, the hazard is greatly reduced by the very high quality training that CHP provides to their motor officers. The CHP motor school is the model for every other police motorcycle course in the country, and arguably the world. Agencies from all over send their instructors to the CHP to be trained. The riders’ course is extremely rigorous, and there is a high wash-out rate. The students are all experienced traffic officers who have already completed a very rigorous vehicle operations course and been on the road as patrol officers for several years, so it’s not like they are green rookies. The bar is set very high for these riders, and they have an impressive safety record.”

    2. Nate says:

      Oh also +1 to the pic w/ the cop whose bike is down b/c, you know, ACAB

    3. Kool Jerk says:

      Bad Ass…..Pull the trigger Adam, you been sweating these bikes long enough.

    4. Pussymuncher says:

      Hey Adam, how’s your KZ doing?
      I’m also eyeing a 1978 in my country (Philippines)
      Thanks for all the info you put in,
      BTW. When you say “All have larger generating systems than similar civilian models.”??

    5. Todd Richert says:

      Help! I’ve inherited a 2001 Kawasaki kz1000p. Its been stripped of its police goodies and I’d like to put it back to what it was originally intended. Missing fairing, hard cases, signals , mufflers, etc. Great running machine. Please help!

    6. Kenneth Lee says:

      http://WWW.Kawasakipartshouse.com and as of today(1-22-20)you can still get parts at your Kawasaki Dealer

    7. Piute says:

      This group came up in search . Looking to get one. Police special are always great . Own a Vulcan now . Have own plenty of bikes in my 40+ years of riding .

    8. Wade says:

      I finally got a kz1000c2 now to get a title and get it running.
      Anyone got a way of getting a title?

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