Sweet resto-mod bro

I forget who it was… but someone we know had a funny story. Someone came up to them and was like… sweet resto-mod bro. I think it was Brad. He replied; “uh, my bike is a stock junky cb550”.  Ha. Such a stupid phrase, resto mod.

Anyway. Got the z1 back together. No more fuked up forks or cam caps. Added a steering stabilizer bar. Leaned out my jetting a hair. Cleaned up everything. Painted a bunch of shit.

Pics at very bottom show how fuked up it was when I pulled it out of the old guys garage. Junker.

Short list of overall everything I’ve done or had help doing:

  • race-braced, cleaned up, painted frame
  • detab swing arm
  • mod, slim up center stand for 4-1 kerker
  • steering stabilizer bar and tab
  • Lockhart oil cooler
  • laced new boranni style wheels, spokes. 18 front
  • 630 to 520 JT chain conversion. Custom aluminum rear sprocket. 17/42 gearing
  • slim seat
  • headlight, fork ear update
  • kerker exhaust with 2″ comp baffle
  • keihin 29 CRS carbs, velocity stacks
  • kaw H1 fork leg bottoms
  • kaw kz750 shorty fender
  • progressive suspension front & rear
  • Dyna ignition
  • Larry Cavanaugh street ported / clearanced head
  • Kenny Harmon L1 cams. .400″
  • weisco 1015, 10.25/1 pistons
  • APE valvetrain
  • APE clutch kit
  • all new wiring for everything
  • Ricks reg/rect

10 responses to “Sweet resto-mod bro”

  1. Brian G says:

    Sweet resto mod bro.

  2. Chris francione says:

    Z1…? Never heard of it…..must be a sucky bike.

  3. D Car says:

    What Francione said. More like KAWA-SUCKY!

  4. Luke says:

    Cool to see the pictures from when you first picked it up. That thing is clean as shit now. Awesome.

  5. Jake says:

    FAKE NEWS! It was Nate, not Brad.

  6. Ted says:

    Looks good. Did you weld an extended stopper on to the center stand? Would like to put a center stand on my KZ650 but I would need a stopper so it wouldn’t hit the chain.

  7. Ed says:

    Great question. Yes; Adam slimmed up the center stand when he welded the braces in for the frame. The foot arm on the center stand stuck out like a retarded donkey dick once you upgrade to 4-1 exhaust. See this post below for pics of what we did. There is a rubber stopper and arm was cut short. It clears chain perfect.

  8. Nice work! Great looking bike.

    I haven’t seen a Lew Blum sign for two years now ;-0


  9. Cool Jerk says:

    I heard Nate’s bike was faster than yours. True?

  10. Cool Jerk says:

    It looked better when it was in the old man’s garage.

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