Z1 paint

After doing an “old guy” inspired clean up of my z1, where I tried to get shit as cosmetically dialed as I was able. I decided to have my tank/tail repainted.

As I said before, my z1 is a 74, but whomever had it before me had a 75 tank/tail on it.

They look pretty similar, however, some of the differences:

– 75 tank, top 2 stripes have black paint in between them and where the 2 stripes meet the seat, the stripes have a gap. Green paint tealish hue. 75 tail, decals curve up at end 

– 74 tank, no black between 2 stripes and the stripes touch where meets seat. Green paint is yellowish hue. 74 tail decals are straight

5 doors down from my house is an auto body shop called Liberty Collision. I stopped in and asked if they’d be into doing my paint. Owner Ben is a cool dude. He said normally prob not but being a neighbor he’s into it. 

They did a great job. Base paint / clear / apply z1parts decal kit. Charged me $450. He alluded that it was more work than they anticipated. I was more worried about decal placement than paint. They got it pretty damn close. Im happy. Also, matching paint color was tough. I wanted it close to stock but a shade darker. 

First pic is an original 74 I based my color off that I saw at mid Ohio.

At bottom you can see the body shop stuff and the million swatches I could choose from.

7 responses to “Z1 paint”

  1. Steve says:

    sweet restomod.

    Looks awesome

  2. Tom says:

    Damn, that new paint looks super good.

  3. Alex Quinn says:

    Damn Ed. Have your hands always been that small? Whats up?

  4. Ted says:

    Sweet! $450 is a steal. Doubt they will be doing that again for that prices.

  5. D Car says:

    Looks rad Ed

  6. Guru says:

    Fantastic job! Congratulations. I would like to know what did you to the engine to remove the rust from the covers. And the frame?


  7. Ed says:

    I didn’t do anything to remove rust other than use sandpaper or wd40.

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