MC Trip 2019 – Canadian Rockies

In a little over a week Ben, Andrew, Alex, Ed, and myself are heading out West to explore British Columbia. Last month we all packed our bikes and shipped them out to Portland, OR. Our final stop be will Missoula, MT where Ed and I plan to keep our XR’s so we can fly out again to keep this trip going.

This is the general route we plan on taking. If anyone knows of anything worth checking out along the way leave a comment. This means bars, diners, free camp spots, scenic things, historic stuff, swimming holes, strip clubs, etc.


4 responses to “MC Trip 2019 – Canadian Rockies”

  1. Tom N says:

    Hell yeah! This trip looks epic and I’m stoked for you dudes. I’ll be looking forward to the updates and trip notes.

  2. Nick V says:

    Dudes! As chance would have it I was thinking about good ole Thursday rides and swung by the site for the first time in ages. If you guys need any advice (or anything at all, really) in PDX just let me know. I’m around until next week when I’m headed out to eastern OR.

  3. Adam says:

    Hey Nick, it’s cool to hear from you. We’re in Portland just for a night before heading north to Vancouver. We plan to get a coffee at See See Moto Sunday morning at 8am if you want to meet up.

  4. Nick V says:

    I was hoping to hit up See See on Sunday anyway. See you guys there!

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