Canadian Rockies – recap

Trip is over. Most of the guys flew home. Adam and I fly home in a couple hours. Hanging at Colin’s shop “number 8 wire” at the moment. Film photos to come in a month probably.

Thought I’d do a quick recap.

  • Overall I had a ton of fun. Really great time
  • I’ll quote Quinn; not the trip I would’ve planned but glad Ben and Adam and others planned it
  • Beautiful scenery everywhere. Mountains and hills. Wildlife. Stuff I’ve never seen in this capacity and scale
  • Covered 2100 miles total
  • No major bike breakdowns
  • 4 crashes: 1) Ben lost a water bottle on dirt trail and it took down Andrew. 2) Ben slid on slick wet mud and toppled over at 1mph. 3) Quinn lost it on a dirt road and went down at speed but was okay. 4) Quinn tries to climb a hill and lost
  • Impressed with Quinn doing everything on Guzzi
  • BMW GS did everything really well
  • No motels
  • XR650L was a champ. Did everything great except over 75mph sucks bad
  • Weather varied a ton. Super cold then hot
  • This trip def made me rethink my rain gear and cold weather gear
  • I accidentally burned my RSD gloves by the fire
  • Shinko 805 tires did great but not going to get them again. Was impressed more with other guys TKC80 tires
  • This trip was mostly on-road but we def did a nice amount of off-road
  • Def adding an oil cooler to the XR
  • 6 people and everyone was able to compromise at times
  • XR650L averaged 47mpg
  • Favorite Quinn quote: “I got caught partying” … when he crashed on dirt road

All setup now in Montana to do future trips heading south all off-road so happy about that.

Trans continental divide trail off-road going south, Cali desert, then ultimately Baja someday. But probably come out to visit Colin again soon, and explore more of Montana off-road for a long weekend.

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  1. Nick v says:

    Hell yea. You guys make me rethink trying to sell my XR650L…and that my ~240 degrees is fine.

    Happy to hear everyone made it out mostly whole – I was thinking of you guys up in the eastern OR mountains in the freezing cold myself. Take care!

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