Oily Pipes 2 Stroke Show

Sometime over the summer a few of us took a ride out to Blue Bell, PA for the Oily Pipes 2 stroke cycle show. These guys were pretty funny and are really into 2 strokes. We represented with Ricky on his RD350, Chance on his GT550, and Kevin on his RD350. The ride out was great weaving through some twisty back roads I know from commuting out that way for my day job. The ride home was the complete opposite of that…

Perfectly clean RD’s

CX500 Turbo. First time seeing one of this 80’s gems in person.


Chance rode out with a bicycle helmet.

Clean GS550 build

Ricky and Kevin checking out a all stock GT550

… and the ride home in a monsoon which we all knew was coming and didn’t bring any rain gear. fuck it. it was still a good time.

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