Ride 2 Skate Photos – round 1

Ride 2 Skate was a ton of fun.
Cast & Salvage had a table set up and seemed to get some real positive feedback.

I’ll be the first to admit I know jack shit about Harley’s and bobbers…
Kevin Ludwig did a good job explaining what’s what… and showed me some real rare cool bikes including a couple knuckleheads and a xr1000.

If I ever get a harley it’ll definitely be something like that… super old, rigid frame, small as shit, can’t do anything but go straight… leaking oil everywhere, modified out the ass… ratty as shit…

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From Past

Published - Jul 6, 2019


Doing the track events, I automatically get this “Grassroots Motorsports” mag. Normally it’s not my favorite but this month had a good article. When I was in college one of my autocross friends from the Honda dealership I worked at had a modified E30-M3 bmw. It was cool and he was fast. Crazy how expensive […]