Ben’s Super Sport

Yesterday me and Ben hooked up his new helmet (thanks to Chris again) and I built him a new taillight and license plate bracket.   I thought it look pretty clean.

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  1. David Kulacz says:

    I’ve been following the site for a while now and I must say, its one of my favorites. My daily rider is a 1969 CB350 and I am constantly drawing inspiration from you all.

    Quick question, if you dont mind… where did you get that seat bar that goes over the fender/light? I usually try to go with the less is more approach on my bike, but that seat bar looks amazing.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dave… if you live anywhere around Philly, you should come meet up.

    That seat bar is an OEM honda piece on a lot of 70’s honda cb’s. It’s called a “grab bar”. It’s for the passenger to hold onto.


  3. andrew says:

    i dig that light, kinda wish i had that guy….

  4. andrew says:

    also, did you cut down the seat or is that stock?

  5. Aaron says:

    Its the stock Super Sport seat. The tailight is a trailer brake light they are like 10 bucks at pep boys. Heavy modification though.

  6. Scott says:

    Overall, a real nice job! Is that a CEV tail light you used?

  7. David Kulacz says:

    shoot, i’ll have to hit up with you guys when im in philly next. i have some good friends in west philly and im hoping to make it out soon. im in san diego, so i extend the same offer!

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