CB350 Speedo and headlight upgrade

I lowered my Head light (thanks to Chris), removed my tach and made a bracket to center my speedo.  Looks a lot more compact and clean. Also placed the new tailight which I’m super psyched on.  I finished painting a lot of stuff on my bike this weekend. Its going to come together this week in between getting ready for our huge BBQ at my place.   I have new mufflers, clutch and throttle cables coming throughout the week as well.
Anyone interested in attending the BBQ on Saturday you are more that welcome. If you ride your motorcycles you can park them just inside the fence so there is no worries. Details as Follow…

The BBQ:

  • Where: 1223 N Franklin St
  • When: Saturday, April 24th 3:00
  • Wear: Southern attire, bolo ties, boots…

We’re BBQing and getting a few kegs.. Side dishes/snacks will be much appreciated!

Also, if you’re vegetarian/vegan bring food because we’re cooking lots of MEAT!

Since we’re supplying food and drinks, there is a cover charge:
$10- loner
$15- couple (boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy)
$5- vegetarian/vegan
$20- CHILI COOK-OFF TEAMS!! (up to 3 people per team)


Just added- CHILI COOK-OFF

$20 covers your entry to the party and the Chili Cook-off.

Up to 3 people per team, you have to cook a mean Chili for everyone and a few judges to sample. It must be in a large LARGE pot or a small trash can. Either way make enough to go around.

1st and 2nd get cash prizes!! The dollar amount depends on the amount of people participating.

Good way to save some money and eat some amazing food!!

4 responses to “CB350 Speedo and headlight upgrade”

  1. andrew says:

    aaron is this your bike?

  2. admin says:

    Single gauge is sick although I think it should be the tach only instead.


  3. Aaron says:

    I have to have a speedo or I dont know when I am out of gas. And I can’t go faster than like 65 or I’ll kill th ebike again. hahah…….Yeah this is Aaron’s bike.


    ?Anyone coming to the BBQ??

  4. andrew says:

    kill your bike over 65????? setting yourself a speed limit?

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