CB360T Pod Filters

Took the rubber manifold from the stock air filters and installed the pods on that instead of directly to the carb body so they clear the battery box. Bike sounds even better now. However, there is a small flat spot in the rpm range around 3/4 throttle. Any suggestions on jetting? Plugs are nice and golden brown.

On a side note, Andrew hit a solid 1,000 miles since we swapped the engine and got it dialed. This speedo goes with the original engine so we don’t really know how many miles this engine really has.

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  1. Nice pods… 😉 Have you sync’d those carbs yet with a gauge set? If their stock you can install some brass nipples in the head which allows you to get her dead-on.. Makes all the difference in the world. Then you can connect the ports with a single line for equalization smoothing out that last little bit. You know where to get ’em. – J

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Dime City

  3. steve kruschwitz says:

    do you know what pipes you are running on this? Something you made/modified yourself? Did the pipe change and the airpod filters additon require any adjustment to the carbs? Did you swap/modernize any of the electronic? sorry if you covered this in another post. Sounds like you built yourself a reliable bike and I am hoping to do the same.

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