cb650 engine rebuild Step 2 and 3 of 4

Cleaned everything as best I could, then I took the head and cylinder jugs to Mar automotive in the near northeast.

They cleaned and checked everything, installed my new valve seals, cleaned up the combustion chamber, intake and exhaust ports. They also said I had 1 leaky valve, so they fixed that too. Turned out great, quick turnaround, friendly guys, $110 charge for everything. A while ago they also did the cylinder head on my S2000, and checked out the cb450 head for me, so I can recommend going to them if you have engine work that you want done.

Next, and last step, is re-assembly of the engine with new rings, installation of a Lockhart vintage oil cooler, go through my wiring harness to check everything, and then fire it up.

5 responses to “cb650 engine rebuild Step 2 and 3 of 4”

  1. Devyn says:

    Fresh out the bath, looking real clean.

  2. scott says:

    Everything looks great and you can’t beat $110 for the work you had done!

  3. […] head stuff for me in the past: – they did a valve job on my S2000 like 5 years ago – they did a valve job on my cb650 like 3 years […]

  4. Alex says:

    Such a nice job. Is that the MAR auto in Philadelphia, PA?

  5. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say i really appreciate your webpage! It’s basically what motivated me to just buy a 1980 Cb650. I was wondering if u could recommend a gasket kit to do my complete top end. The bike is covered in oil all over the fins just like your bike was! I have researched a bunch and it seems all i can find is the “Athena” top end gaskets…which i am told it doesn’t come with the two tiny o-rings you need to perform a head gasket replacement. I live in Newfoundland Canada and I am having no luck at the dealership here! Thanks for your feedback in advance!!

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