Lockhart oil cooler

I’m adding a vintage Lockhart oil cooler to my 79 cb650 for several different reasons. Read the below article. It def outlines a couple of my reasons.

Side note:

To make the oil cooler set-up work on most old 70’s 4cyl hondas, you need a special adapter plate which sits between the engine and the filter. It’s almost impossible to find the right adapter plate with bolt on ebay. Finding the Lockhart cooler was easy. Finding the adapter plate which makes the whole thing work is the hard part.

I couldn’t find it anywhere except this dude:

So, I paid the $150, and it works perfect. Everywhere else that was mentioned in other blog posts that sells them, does not sell them anymore, except this place.

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  1. ludwig says:

    good idea, thanks for the heads up. I’ve often wondered what the change is gasoline over the past 30 – 40 years would do to older bikes. I might add one of these to my XS. Is there any info on how the advances in oil might also change older motors?

  2. scott says:

    Good move and the oil cooler unit is small enough that it won’t look out of place. Were you able to find a new one or did you buy it on eBay?

  3. admin says:

    I bought it used on ebay for $75. They were really expensive brand new. Yea, I actually think it’s going to look pretty good. It’s smaller than I thought and it’s a nice clean semi-gloss black. Seems to be in pretty good shape.

  4. scott says:

    That’s fantastic…..can’t wait to see it installed!

  5. Jmaro says:

    I installed one on my 82 Suzuki 1100e about a month ago. I have a temp guage as well and the lockhart looks to be working…. but with the heat this summer, I still shut off the bike in traffic to cool her down.

  6. admin says:

    What amount difference did you see in the temp gauge? How much lower is it with the oil cooler? 20-30˚?

  7. […] chamber) is going to create more heat. To offset this extra heat, I recommend adding an oil cooler. INFO FOR THAT HERE. Also, for 79-80 carbs, my set up is the tiniest bit rich, so it’s absolutely not running […]

  8. Ryan says:

    I’m trying my hand at installing the same oil cooler on my 650. How does this adapter plate attach to the engine block? Thanks!

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