Auckland, NZ – overview

I’ve made some observations of Auckland:

  • It’s way nicer than I envisioned it would be.
  • From what I’ve seen and heard, vintage cycles are slim to none.
  • There is no trash on the streets of NZ. Cleanest place I’ve ever seen.
  • People are in no hurry… everyone drives way under the speed limit.
  • Everyone is super nice. Friendliest strangers I’ve ever met.
  • You can see the ocean / bay from almost anywhere in Auckland.
  • A million hills here. Like pittsburgh but worse.
  • One of the biggest o-zone holes the Earth has is over NZ and Australia, so you get severely sunburnt after 30 mins. if you’re not used to it.
  • Police don’t carry guns.
  • There’s no crime here.
  • There are also no black or mexican people here.
  • Their version of Walmart is called “The Warehouse”.
  • Their version of Pep Boys is called “RepCo”.
  • People walk around the city barefoot.
  • It doesn’t get dark until 9:30pm.
  • From what people say, It’s always 65˚ and sunny.
  • The water looks like Miami water. Bright Teal color. Palm trees everywhere too.
  • The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. It’s about the height of the Comcast building in Philly. We live about 10 min. walk from it.
  • I’ve gotten lost on the cycle a few times already. It’s like a maze here.

5 responses to “Auckland, NZ – overview”

  1. ludwig says:

    I’m hoping one day I can spend some time there. Sounds wonderful man, live it up.

  2. Adam says:

    My pale ass is going to fry when I come over, awesome.

  3. scott says:

    Glad you’re enjoying yourself… may not want to come back! 😉

  4. ed says:

    @Adam –
    yea, you’ll fry in 30 mins.
    I rode the cycle around for about that long, the first day I had it, in a white undershirt, and my arms are so unbelievably sunburnt, it hurts. Either you need long sleeves or sun-block. It’s no joke, sun is strong as shit here.

    Fortunately, with the temperature of 65-75, you can be comfy in either an undershirt, or a hoodie, so i’ve been riding the cycle now in my hoodie which covers my fried arms and neck.

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