Colin’s 1974 cb200 in NZ

If you didn’t already know, Max has cousins from Auckland. His cousin Colin and I live pretty close to eachother here in NZ… couple mins down the road. A few months back he picked up a cb200 and rebuilt it into this sweet little cafe racer.

It’s finally running and now he’s dialing it in.

It was a pretty big jollapy when he first got it. He rebuilt the engine… the entire engine.

Seat kinda similar to my cb450 seat, but a tiny bit more slim. Red tank. Powder coated frame. Clip-on bars.

New Mikuni carbs and velocity stacks. They need a tiny bit more tuning. Still working on getting the jetting perfect.

This is Colin’s other cycle. A cg125 single cylinder that he’s teaching his g/f Gabby to ride.

This is a link to his full build thread if you wanna check out all the nitty-gritty stuff he did.

Side note – Colin is moving to LA in a couple weeks to race road bikes (geared pedal bikes) professionally for the next 6 months. Good luck.

8 responses to “Colin’s 1974 cb200 in NZ”

  1. scott says:

    Colin’s CB200 looks fantastic…..very clean and minimalistic!

  2. Justin B. says:

    Sick bike – I’m into it. I love coming across a full tear-down rebuild – it really came out nice.

  3. Vergel says:

    Beautiful cb200. Where did u get ur clip ons and what signal lights are u running.

  4. Colin says:

    Cheers, the clip ons are Woodcraft- I couldn’t find much in the way of 31mm ID. In hindsight I’d probably get something cheaper and have some shims made, although they are sweet bars. The signal lights are just a generic type ‘bullet’ indicator screwed directly into the frame on the rear. I’m away from the bike now for a year or so, so I can’t ell you a code or anything.

  5. […] New Zealand buddy Colin, who is Max’s cousin… now lives in Missoula […]

  6. Joseph says:

    Where to get them stacks? They custom? I’m rebuilding a 200 as well, want stacks but cant find em anywhere! THX

  7. Andy says:

    please let me know your carb settings if the engine works fine.
    Best regards

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