Sunday Sissy – XS650 progress

I spent most of Sunday with a can of MAPP gas, some welding gloves and a cut off wheel and came up with this.

Obviously the welds need to be cleaned up, plus the clamps need some washers. I learned a lot about bending steel and what you can and cant get away with. It’s also not complete – I have a 1918 WWI bolo knife that is going to be mounted in the middle. I am about 90% satisfied with this though, there are a couple things that I wish I could go back and do right. Oh well, I’ll spend a day this summer with 20 dollars of steel and make it all right.

Next up: rear fender bottom mounts, then the focus shifts to the front – lacing an old bmw drum front to a 21″ rim and shortening the forks 3″.

6 responses to “Sunday Sissy – XS650 progress”

  1. ed says:

    Nice man. Looking good. I really enjoy your posts.
    Other than Kevin’s rigged-up jollapy (Suzuki Savage), this is the only other rigid frame out of the group.

  2. mick says:

    digin it. the knife will be gnarly. good stuff

  3. Adam says:

    hell yea! that sissy bar is awesome

  4. Devyn says:

    Gonna be a nasty ride. Keep it coming.

  5. ludwig says:

    thanks dudes. I have off from the shop for a good 2 week chunk of february and I plan on spending most of my days in the garage. Top that with a beefy tax return and I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna get a lot done. I’ve also added to the list of things to do – Pamco mechanical ignition, Banshee stator swap, and a battery-less wiring harness.

  6. Zak says:

    Saw it run yesterday. She’s a beautiful angry beast.

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