Deus Ex Machina – Shed 5 – review

So, we’ve all heard of Deus Ex Machina from Australia. I dunno about you guys, but I wasn’t aware there was a shop here in NZ.

  • Shop is right down the street from me. It’s super super nice!
  • They have a “No Photos” policy, bummer. So I found a few pics on the web.
  • The name is Shed 5, but it’s a Deus Ex Machina shop? Seems their branding is a little confused. No one in the USA knows what Shed 5 is. They should stick with Deus and keep it all consistent.
  • Turns out it’s a full-blown retail shop. I was expecting something more like 4 guys working on cycles. Not 4 people selling products.
  • Yes, they do have a workshop where they do restoration and custom builds. It’s in the back.
  • I was expecting to be one of the only customers in there. I was wrong, it was packed with maybe 25 people. There’s a full Cafe inside too, with sandwiches and $14 Chicken Salads.
  • Retail side is big and impressive. $14,000 motorcycles for sale on the floor.
  • $480 – 3/4 helmets for sale.
  • $800 – Schott Leather Jackets for sale.
  • I really wanted to buy a t-shirt, but they were $114
  • Behind the parts counter is a ton of custom stuff. Want a Cafe tank? They have it. Want a Cafe seat? They have it.
  • I talked to 2 employees; a guy in parts, and a girl in clothing, both were really nice and friendly.
  • They have about 30 cycles out on the floor. Everything ranging from refurbished Nortons, to Harley Cafe Racers, to vintage MV Agusta, to Honda Dream 50r
  • Real impressive. I spent a bit of time looking at all the classic cycles on display.
  • Wish I could’ve taken pics of the inside.
  • They have 1 wall where they have about 15 vintage BMX bikes hanging up. Real nice!

Anyway, it’s a really rad shop. I imagine I’ll stop in every now and then to check stuff out, or eat lunch.

5 responses to “Deus Ex Machina – Shed 5 – review”

  1. Adam says:

    Food, Cycles, Workshop… wow.

  2. scott says:

    Cool. I really like the bikes Deus Ex have made. They sell spares as well and had thought about buying some tailights, turnsignals, etc, but if a T-shirt is $114, I can only imagine how much their parts go for! Shame there is a “No Photo” policy, because I’d love to see more of the shop.

  3. mick says:

    hey man,

    Mail me a Schott leather jacket, i’ll pay ya back

    looks awesome. Shop/cafe. I like it.

  4. Justin B. says:

    Shop/Cafe doing well?!? Where did I come across that idea before? 😉 That’s pretty cool. I wish we had something legit like that around Philly – I feel like the city is prime for it.

  5. johan says:

    Yeyy .. The Honda CB400SS on the cover photo is exactly like mine. Except mine still has the original handle bar.

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