cbr250r – carbs

Did the carbs on my 1987 cbr250r today. Way more headache than anything Honda from the 70’s.

1) Get all the plastic shit off

2) Get the carbs out. Man that shit looks different, Never seen carbs under the tank before.

3) New OEM air filter. That old one was seriously black as shit.

4) In-line fuel filter had a ton of rust in it. Fuck… So, I took the tank and washed it out with Muriatic Acid. That was a whole job in itself. Then I cleaned the petcock. Tank should be good now. New in-line fuel filter just in case.

5) Get those fuckers dialed in. Basically the exact same as my cb650 carbs… just a little different (and CV slide, not Mechanical slide).

6) All back together now. Took me about 12 hours total including cleaning the tank. Shit.

So,  when I got it all back together, at first, it was running a bit “boggy” on the main jet, or 3/4 to full throttle. I dunno what the issue is / was. I’m anal about doing carbs so I’m positive everything is together correctly. I thought maybe there was a little water left in the tank when I topped it off with fuel, so I bought some “gas treatment”, and increased the octane. After an hour of riding it, Its all good now, running solid and smooth. Revs to 18 grand furiously. Maybe it was a little water left in my tank, and thats all it was? Not 100% sure.

Anyway, what a pain in the ass doing carbs on a fuckin crotch-rocket. I miss my 70’s Hondas back in Philly. I’m flushing the coolant tomorrow. That “should” be a quick job. And don’t even get me started on changing the spark plugs… I had to drop the radiator to do them. Shit.

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  1. scott says:

    hahahahaha…..like jigsaw puzzles aren’t they? I changed the spark plugs and did a valve adjustment on a Honda Hawk GT yesterday and everything has to come off in order to get to the cam covers. Even had to drain the radiator, because the thermostat and ALL the hoses had to be removed before the front cam cover can come off. And removing the thermostat and putting it back in the “penned up” area it was sitting in was a puzzle in itself.

    – change 4 spark plugs – 2 minutes
    – valve tappet adjustment – 10 minutes
    – removing everything, then assembling it back together – 4 hours

    Glad you got everything together and the bike is running good. I’m with you on the simplicity of your 70’s Honda (or my Guzzi), because I prefer the same “ease” in maintenance. It will definitely be easier and a shorter day next time though, as you know the bikes anatomy. Working on modern bikes is a great learning experience though and can be enjoyable, although frustrating at times! 😉

  2. paul rostic says:

    Where did you get the air filter element? My CBR250R (MC17) looks way better without the lowers on. Easier to work on it too. Did you find that there are several part Honda numbers for the same oil filter? and different prices

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